Wildwood, NJ

Rules & Prizes

The Holy Grail of the Wildwood Cornhole Tournament
"This ain't your mama's Cornhole!"


Before you enter, what you need to know...

1. You must be at least 18 years or older to enter Sunday's tournament. This is the rule in Jersey to win a cash prize - sorry kiddos! But look on the bright side; we added Saturday tournaments with no age limit, just for you! Saturday's winners will receive a custom built cornhole set per team per tournament! Two chances to win! 

2. These are doubles (two players per team), double elimination tournament. Each game will be best of 3.

3. Sign-in/Registration begins at 9:30am on Saturday - A mandatory Team Meeting will be held at 10:45 - The first Tournament starts at 11am. Sign-in/Registration for Sunday's tournament begins at 9am - A mandatory Team Meeting will be held at 10:00am to discuss all rules - Tournament starts at 10:30am.

4. All boards and bags will be provided and set up for you.

5. This tournament IS held on the beach at Wildwood Avenue in Wildwood, NJ, so there are a few elements you might not be used to including: ocean winds, sand, rogue seagulls, etc. It's best to expect the unexpected.

6. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. The first offense: A warning will be issued from a tournament official. The second offense: Forfeiture of the game being played. The third offense: Forfeiture of all tournament games and a personal escort off tournament grounds by a large bouncer.

7. Beer will be available for purchase to patrons 21 and older with proper identification. Alcohol must be consumed within the designated drinking area, which is the entire fenced in playing area. If your drinking becomes a problem, you will be flagged, your team will be forfeited from the tournament and we will call you a cab to get home safely. State law prohibits bringing your own alcohol onto the beach.

8. There is no dress code – team shirts, bathing suits, bare feet, flip flops, whatever you feel comfortable wearing is your prerogative. Keep in mind that some playing sand may be hot.

9. Feel free to bring your own beach chairs, towels, SPF, umbrellas, pop-up tents, etc to make yourself comfortable throughout the day.

Cornhole Boards

1. Boards will be placed in the sand, 27 feet apart (front to front).

2. The board surface will be 2’x4’.

3. With a 6” hole, centered 9” from the back and 12” from either side.

Cornhole Bags

1. There will be 8 bags per lane, 4 bags of one color and 4 of another.

2. Each bag will be 6”x6” and will have 1 pound of filler in each bag.

Point System

You will play a Traditional 21 Point Game with a coin toss held before the first frame of the first game in the series. The winner of the coin toss chooses who pitches against whom or which side of the board to play from. The winner also decides who pitches first. The honors will then be transferred to the coin toss loser for game 2 and back to the coin toss winner if a game 3 is needed.

1. 3 points for a bag that goes through the hole whether it be thrown through, slide in or pushed in by another bag.

2. 1 point for a bag that lands and stays on the playing surface.

3. 1 point for a bag that is hanging into the hole but does not fall completely through.

4. 1 point for a bag that is hanging off the edge of the playing surface but is NOT touching the ground.

5. 0 points for a bag that is on the playing surface but is ALSO touching the ground.

6. 0 points for a bag that lands on the playing surface after touching the ground first (this bag must be removed before another bag is thrown).

7. 0 points for a bag that is hanging off the edge of the playing surface and is resting on another bag that is on the ground. If you can remove the bag on the ground without the one on the board falling then touching the ground – then a point is given (you might want to also practice your Jenga skills for this situation).

Scoring System

1. Game scoring will be held on an honor system. If an agreement cannot be made between players, DO NOT MOVE ANYTHING, there will be a tournament official on site to make the final decision. If a bag or board is moved before an official is able to make a decision, those points will be forfeited. Do not argue with tournament officials, it’s annoying and you will be asked to leave the tournament. Take the official ruling with a grain of salt and remember - it’s just a game!

2. A Traditional 21 Point Game is a game played until one team reaches or exceeds 21 points. The winning team does NOT need to win by two or more points. If there is a 21 tie – additional frames will be played until one teams has more points at the end of a frame.

3. This is a cancellation format where opposing players’ frame points cancel one another out. Only those points that do not cancel out apply to the total overall score. For example: Red team scores 7 points and Blue team scores 9 points in the same frame. The difference is 2 (9-7=2). Blue Team scores 2 points in that frame.

Game Play

1. In doubles play, partners shall stand at opposite Cornhole boards on the same side (one player will be throwing from the right and one from the left).

2. Each team will have 4 bags of one color.

3. All 8 bags will begin at one end (the decision will be made by the winner of the coin toss).

4. A player may throw the bag in any manner they choose (overhand, underhand, hook shot etc.), however; it MUST be from behind the front of the board they are throwing from. If a player crosses the front of the board they are throwing from it’s considered a foul – 0 points will be awarded and the bag must be removed from play before another is thrown. The pitching area in which a bag must be thrown is a 4’x3’ area. (This is between the front and the back of the board and 3’ to the side. ) Note: Special consideration will be given to any small children that will be playing in Saturday’s Tournaments.

5. A player has 15 seconds to throw a bag or it is considered a foul.

6. Alternate throws between the two opponents are made until all 8 bags have been thrown.

7. Count the points scored during that frame. If no team has reached the 21-point mark, start the next frame until a team reaches 21 or more. Once the 21 mark is broken and all 8 bags from the same side have been thrown – the game is over.

8. The team who wins the frame throws first in the next frame. If both teams have the same frame scores then the game score stays the same and first throw stays with the team who had it in the previous round

9. Every effort shall be made to keep the Cornhole board-playing surface in perfect playing condition. Players are responsible for making sure the court is in good condition prior to starting the match. During a match, players are not allowed to alter the boards or court in any manner without the consent of the opponent. Keep in mind that there may be some “sinkage” due to the sand and the weight of the bags. Players are responsible for removing any trash that might accumulate around their playing area after the game is finished.

Cornhole Fouls

1. A Cornhole player’s foot goes past the foot foul line (front of the board).

2. A player goes out of turn. The throw the foul occurs on is voided and the bag must be removed from the playing area before another can be thrown.

3. If a player does not throw their bag within 15 seconds.

The Most Important Rule